My wife had mentioned to me that she saw a commercial for Coolsculpting and that maybe I might be a good candidate for this type of treatment.

I work out with weights , not much cardio but have noticed as I’m aging that my mid section is expanding and my clothes are fitting more snug than they used to. I do eat healthy (most of the time) but I’m not happy sucking in my stomach when I have to get in my slacks. So it was time for something drastic. I have zero time for “downtime” so this seemed like a great option. I did some research and this had some great reviews and before and after videos. I work in Virginia sometimes so I searched Vienna Coolsculpting and found dr Scott Gerrish- I liked that he had two machines so I could knock out my treatments in half- they were able to apply two different suction applicators at the same time to different parts of my midsection and love handles. I’m not 4 months from treatment and MY PANTS KEEP FALLING DOWN!!!! At first I thought it was my jeans had stretched or that I was wearing the wrong size belt- but actually it was that my love handles sort of locked my pants in place – I’m down a belt size and can’t believe my results. I’m So happy!!!!!! My gut is drastically reduced and it’s extra motivation to exercise even more.

Dr Gerrish and Loretta spent a lot of time with me determining the areas that I would have the best outcome. They both were incredible and made sure I was comfortable throughout the treatments. I was there for several hours and they couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating and incredibly knowledgable- I came to learn that Dr. Gerrish was actually the east coast medical director for the training center in Virginia- how lucky for me! I believe I had the best of the best! Thank you Dr Gerrish and Loretta for my outstanding results! I want more!!

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50yr Old Male with a Big Gut and Love Handles in Need of Some Help ! – BradMay Vienna, VA

Totally worth it and the results were exactly what I wanted and needed.

Motivation was just to achieve a look that I work so hard for in the gym but just wasn’t quite getting. I honestly can’t think of one single con. All pros. Totally worth it and the results were exactly what I wanted and needed. I just needed a little more umph to get me to where I wanted to be. And you WILL notice the difference. I have zero regrets and will definitely be doing it again.

Beyond professional! I never felt uncomfortable for a second. I would gladly return again and again. Highly recommend.

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36 Years Old and Just Needed a Little Help. DPCOOPER5 Washington, DC